Group shot of Sloan graduates

Sloan Graduate Jordan Oshiro, Purdue University

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation congratulates its scholars graduating in 2017-18.

Biological Sciences    
  Purdue University Janelle Cronin Ecological Sciences
  University of Arizona, Tucson Justin Kaye Applied Biosciences
  University of Arizona, Tucson Nathan Sweeney Cancer Biology
  Purdue University Kinsey Skillen Civil Engineering
  Purdue University Adam Brewer Computer Graphics Technology
  Purdue University Rylan Chong Computer Information and Technology
  University of Alaska, Anchorage Andrew White Civil Engineering
  University of Alaska, Anchorage Stefanie Armstrong Engineering Management
  University of Alaska, Anchorage Michael Ulroan Engineering Management
  University of Alaska, Anchorage Patrick Lovell Project Management
Physical Sciences    
  Montana State University Dionne Zoanni Earth & Atmospheric Science
  Purdue University Melissa Johnson Earth & Atmospheric Science
  University of Alaska, Fairbanks Isaac Bailey Chemistry

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